Connor Group is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Leapfin, a leading financial data platform provider

The partnership provides unmatched joint value supporting future-focused finance teams

Connor Group and Leapfin leverage strategies and services to benefit mutual customers by combining the best resources in the industry and accelerating decision-making for finance teams. The companies will drive success by helping clients transform and automate financial processes, prepare for IPO, and maximize profitability.

Ray Lau, CEO of Leapfin, said, “We’re excited to partner with Connor Group, whose services and expertise are renowned in Financial Operations and readiness for IPO and other strategic financing events, to help more CFOs drive business success with real-time data, deliver joint value of our Finance Data Platform, and provide shared expertise to our mutual customers. Our partnership will help arm CFOs with the tools they need to accelerate the path to profitability efficiently and at scale.”

“Partnering with Leapfin will allow us to bring a pre-built automated solution to our clients that facilitates recording and reporting high volume customer transactions,” said Lauren Bowe, Automation and Analytics Leader at Connor Group. “Top growth companies rely on Connor Group to solve their most complex technology and business issues. Leveraging our accounting and engineering experience, we bridge the gap between finance and technology solutions.”

About Connor Group

Connor Group is a specialized professional services firm of Big 4 alumni and industry executives. Our team of highly experienced professionals helps financial and operation executives with their most complex and significant matters, including digital solutions, financial accounting and operations, IPO and M&A services, and managed services. Our clients are the world’s top growth companies, and we support them as they change the world and create new markets.

Our client portfolio includes multi-billion-dollar public, mid-cap public, and pre-IPO companies ranging from early stage to late stage. Our global clients represent the most exciting industries including high tech, Internet, social networking, gaming, software, ad tech, cleantech, life sciences, financial services, consumer products, biotech, services, and manufacturing.

Our goal at Connor Group is to be the most respected firm across our service lines by delivering the highest quality services to our clients. We are hired by executives who understand the importance of leveraging their time and having a partner that can successfully execute their finance and accounting, IT, and operational needs. Learn more at

About Leapfin

Leapfin turns operations data into finance data in real-time for the world’s leading digital brands.

The Leapfin Finance Data Platform unifies billing, ordering, payment, CRM and other production data with intelligent accounting automation to create a GAAP-compliant, immutable Leapfin Financial Record for every transaction.

The Leapfin Finance Data Platform provides reliable and fast financial reporting to controllers, transaction-level detail for analysis to finance and visibility to real-time revenue to decision makers.

Canva, Reddit, SeatGeek, Medium, Vimeo, and many other fast-growing, high-volume digital brands trust Leapfin to be their finance data system of record. Visit to learn more.