Announcing the Finance and Accounting Update Presented by Connor Group

On May 24th, 2023, finance and accounting professionals will meet in Palo Alto for a conference hosted and presented by Connor Group. This CPE half-day event is followed by a reception where attendees will network with Connor Group subject matter experts and their peers.

Participants will attend three sessions led by Connor Group.

Sessions cover:

Accounting and Finance Hot Topics

This session will address current and emerging developments in financial reporting. Technical accounting partner Aleks Zabreyko and director Jagdish Sohal will discuss recent SEC experiences and comment letters highlighting MD&A and non-GAAP results and metrics. They will explore practical matters such as the effects of SVB failure, supply chain finance, common control leases, and various debt and equity issues. Differences between current and upcoming cryptocurrency accounting practices, software development costs, and income tax disclosures will also be presented.

Financial Reporting and Close

Connor Group’s Ursula Schorn and Domenic Sanelli will talk about the components of a successful close and why it can take so long for a company to close its books. They will also share practical tips and best practices to help optimize your close process.

Carbon Accounting and Disclosures

In this session, our experts, Corey Saunders, and David McGuire, will provide an overview and update on the SEC’s proposed climate-related reporting and disclosure standards. They will review disclosure requirements for companies that fit all filer definitions, including organizations considering an IPO. Corey and David will explain what companies must do to prepare for accurate, reliable, and timely reporting. During this session, attendees will better understand greenhouse gas (GHG) scope definitions 1 through 3 and a variety of financial statement disclosures.

Connor Group’s Finance and Accounting Update Conference is open to accounting and finance professionals with a basic knowledge of finance and accounting topics. Are you interested in attending? Submit your request for an invite here.