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Workato Product Hour Webinar: Recipe for Success via Automation

Connor Group and software alliance partner, Workato, are teaming up Thursday, April 16th to host a webinar on driving Quote-to-Cash (Q2C) success via automation. Workato is a single platform designed to integrate anything and automate everything. As recipients of Workato’s 2019 Partner of the Year award, Connor Group is honored to have our own Matt MacLachlan, Director in FinOps and Vishal Saini, Director in Digital Solutions, as the guest speakers for the upcoming discussion. Matt and Vishal will explain how to use Workato “recipes”, a set of steps that when followed, allow for total app integration and workflow automation. Our speakers will also provide attendees with specific examples of automation, common challenges when automating the Quote-to-Cash (QTC) processes, Q2C automation demos, and overall best practices. Participants will learn how to eliminate manual processes and create flexible, rich data/analytics that improve the overall customer experience, reduce data errors, and enable teams to focus on value-adding actions.

If you are interested joining the discussion, please follow the registration link. We look forward to seeing you there!