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Webinar: “Demystifying The Revenue Cycle On The Salesforce Platform” – Register Today!

Let’s be honest.  When companies approach revenue automation, chances are, the process is anything but quick.  Why?  Because in our global business climate, the quoting process needed for revenue automation means compiling complex customer contracts and data spread out across the company. It takes time, but it’s crucial, making up 60% to 70% of information needed for Revenue Automation.

So how do the best companies make Revenue Automation efficient, and most important, produce growth?

That answer and more, will be shared by Connor Group Revenue Automation experts Jason Pikoos and Jim Neesen, in a webinar “Demystifying the Revenue Cycle on the SalesForce Platform,” on Wednesday July 26th, at 11 a.m.  Both Pikoos and Neesen will discuss ways leading companies are connecting the front and back office to facilitate best practices for Revenue Automation.

Webinar topics will also cover:

  • Understand how data enables your revenue and billing processes under 606.
  • Navigate the various billing and revenue system options to align with your ERP
  • Improve revenue reporting for sales and finance
  • Understand the role of CPQ in the revenue cycle

Register here and reserve your spot today!  LinkedIn video:

Jason Pikoos

Partner, Financial Operations Practice Leader

Jason Pikoos

Jim Neesen

Managing Partner

Jim Neesen