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We are Proud to Announce the 2021 Connor Group Promotions

Connor Group is proud to announce 105 professionals have been promoted into new roles in their respective business units effective July 1, 2021.

Please join us in congratulating our professionals on their promotions.

This year’s promotions include:

Name Title Team
Jenna S. Partner Financial Operations
Matt M. Partner Financial Operations
Adriana A. Director Managed Services
Alicia L. Director Technical Accounting
Anthony L. Director Technical Accounting
Athena D. Director Technical Accounting
Diane G. Director Recruiting
Joey Y. Director Interim Staffing
Jordan T. Director Financial Operations
Puneet I. Director Financial Operations
Stephanie S. Director Technical Accounting
Tatiana D. Director Technical Accounting
Abigail B. Senior Manager Financial Operations
Alexandra B. Senior Manager Technical Accounting
Andrew J. Senior Manager Recruiting
Andrew L. Senior Manager Managed Services
Austin M. Senior Manager Technical Accounting
Autumn M. Senior Manager Managed Services
Brittney N. Senior Manager Technical Accounting
Brooke W. Senior Manager Financial Operations
Bryce D. Senior Manager Financial Operations
Carson S. Senior Manager Managed Services
Dallin R. Senior Manager Managed Services
Elizabeth B. Senior Manager Business Development
Hanson H. Senior Manager Financial Operations
Jace M. Senior Manager Managed Services
James S. Senior Manager Interim Staffing
Jeremy S. Senior Manager Managed Services
Jess F. Senior Manager Financial Operations
Jessica L. Senior Manager Technical Accounting
John B. Senior Manager Interim Staffing
Kevin H. Senior Manager M&A
Kyle K. Senior Manager Financial Operations
Matt H. Senior Manager Financial Operations
Melissa C. Senior Manager Financial Operations
Michael B. Senior Manager Managed Services
Michael M. Senior Manager Managed Services
Natasha B. Senior Manager Financial Operations
Nicole G. Senior Manager Financial Operations
Shannon J. Senior Manager Technical Accounting
Spencer M. Senior Manager Technical Accounting
Tracy C. Senior Manager Financial Operations
Yuchen Q. Senior Manager Financial Operations
Afton H. Manager Financial Operations
Alec S. Manager Technical Accounting
Alexandra G. Manager Interim Staffing
Amanda F. Manager Financial Operations
Brandon B. Manager Technical Accounting
Brendan Q. Manager M&A
Brendon B. Manager Technical Accounting
Brett P. Manager Technical Accounting
Christine T. Manager Financial Operations
Dan W. Manager Technical Accounting
Dana D. Manager Technical Accounting
Dandy T. Manager Financial Operations
Dominique L. Manager Financial Operations
Emily R. Manager Financial Operations
Jayden X. Manager Financial Operations
John L. Manager Financial Operations
Jonathan T. Manager Technical Accounting
Jordan C. Manager Technical Accounting
Ken G. Manager Technical Accounting
Marissa P. Manager Marketing
Mary A. Manager Interim Staffing
Masa N. Manager Interim Staffing
Neal U. Manager Managed Services
Nicole K. Manager Technical Accounting
Sapana P. Manager Financial Operations
Sophia D. Manager Technical Accounting
Spencer H. Manager Technical Accounting
Stephanie F. Manager Managed Services
Timothy Y. Manager Financial Operations
Prerak R. Manager (Architect) Financial Operations
Sonia D. Manager (Architect) Financial Operations
Ande L. Supervising Senior Managed Services
Andrew P. Supervising Senior Managed Services
Brandon C. Supervising Senior Technical Accounting
Brandon T. Supervising Senior Managed Services
Caleb C. Supervising Senior Managed Services
Darien W. Supervising Senior Technical Accounting
Elizabeth W. Supervising Senior Financial Operations
Flora G. Supervising Senior Technical Accounting
Geoff P. Supervising Senior Technical Accounting
Gina L. Supervising Senior Interim Staffing
Gloria L. Supervising Senior Technical Accounting
Grant Y. Supervising Senior Financial Operations
Hardi P. Supervising Senior Financial Operations
Josh B. Supervising Senior Technical Accounting
Julie M. Supervising Senior Managed Services
Louis L. Supervising Senior Financial Operations
Maggie Z. Supervising Senior Technical Accounting
Nayelly M. Supervising Senior Managed Services
Sarah D. Supervising Senior Financial Operations
Shirley L. Supervising Senior Financial Operations
Taylor B. Supervising Senior Financial Operations
Wendy H. Supervising Senior Managed Services
Casey S. Senior Managed Services
Jesse B. Senior Financial Operations
Kyle J. Senior Financial Operations
Monika N. Senior Financial Operations
Nick H. Senior Managed Services
Allie L. Senior (Developer) Financial Operations
Nibha M. Senior (Developer) Financial Operations
Celeste D. Recruiting Specialist Recruiting
Farah Z. Resource Senior Analyst​​ Technical Accounting – Ops