Client Testimonials

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“After a crazy few months and multiple curveballs thrown at us, we completed our IPO with an upsized deal!

The IPO would not have happened without the amazing work of Connor Group and we are truly grateful for everything. As a management team doing an IPO for the first time, Connor Group’s help in guiding us and helping us through multiple challenges allowed us to get the filing done leading to a successful offering. I recognize the demands on Connor Group’s time were significant, and time zones did not make it easy, so the firm’s flexibility was truly valued!”

Rohan Palekar
CEO  |  89 Bio

Connor Group was an indispensable part of our IPO team. Their experience, expertise, and effectiveness across a wide variety of areas truly set them apart. Best of all, they blended seamlessly with our in-house team. Together we ran an efficient and high quality process.”

Tim Morse
Former CFO  |

“The Connor Group team has been spectacular in their effort, speed and professionalism working with us on our accounting policies.  Really, I’m very appreciative of their commitment to my team and Aeglea, particularly in a very short period of time to get up to speed.    We look forward to continuing to work with you guys!”

Charles York
VP Finance and Accounting  |  Aeglea

“The Connor Group team played a critical role in our IPO process. From the beginning the team was fully engaged and supportive. They were a true partner in ensuring that our books and records were in great shape including full support through the financial audits. Their work ethic and dedication was evident in the endless long hours put in by the entire team as we got closer to the finish line. The end result was a successful S1 filing with minimal comments from the SEC on the financial statements and ultimately a very successful IPO. We could not have done this without Connor Group’s involvement! The Connor Group team remains an extension of our finance team supporting us through our SEC filings and technical accounting matters.

Saba Aleem
VP and Controller  |  Annexon Biosciences

“When we started this process we were told very clearly by Deloitte, the underwriters, and the lawyers that getting on-file today was an extremely (overly) aggressive goal.  The fact that we made it is very much due to the excellent and hard work that you have done, and I am hugely appreciative of your efforts.”

Eric J. Rey
President and CEO  |  Arcadia

“The professionalism and quality of work from the Connor Group team absolutely exceeded our expectations. They were instrumental in our IPO process and coordinated seamlessly with our internal finance, legal and audit teams to help us achieve every deadline and milestone we set out to achieve. I take great confidence in knowing we will continue to have their support in helping us move forward as we transition through the complexities of operating as a public company.”

Jason Barker
VP Finance  |  Audentes Therapeutics

“Connor Group was instrumental in Hortonworks being able to meet an aggressive IPO timeline. The work performed around optimizing the financial close process and associated controls framework was top-notch and accelerated our ability to comply with new public reporting requirements. Their approach is well organized, articulated and measured all of which led to an incredible result. Their expertise in the areas of technical accounting and ability to get up to speed on the complexities of an open source business model were a testament to the quality and dedication of the team. The transition from private to public company within 3 1/2 years since our founding could not have been accomplished without the guidance and thoughtful assistance provided by members of the Connor Group Team.”

Scott Davidson
CFO  |  Hortonworks

“Connor Group’s team was an instrumental partner in our IPO preparation and execution. They helped us deliver on some of the more complex and time consuming areas of the IPO process such as technical accounting issue resolution, audit assistance, drafting key sections of our Form S-1 and SEC comment letter responses. They worked seamlessly with our external auditors, bankers and attorneys through the IPO process to deliver quality results in a time frame we could not have done without them. I highly recommend the IPO services of Connor Group.”

Andre Simone
CFO  |  IntelePeer, Inc.

“Connor Group came to us when we were in a very dire situation. We were getting ready to execute our UAT in a few days and we did not have proper validation of the data that was being migrated. Connor Group jumped in and immediately made an impact; helping the teams with their data validation and explaining the process and the documentation required, so it was clear to follow. A lot of work was put in to get us to a point where we could execute UAT on time. Since then, Connor Group has also been great at helping us with our UAT validation and also with our data migration for production; always very helpful, quick, and dedicated to our team.”

Lily Fetterer
Internal Audit Manager |  Invitae

“Connor Group has been an exceptional addition to our accounting team, in particular its extensive group of subject matter experts in all areas of technical accounting. We appreciate being able to get answers to complex issues quickly to meet our demanding timelines. We have found everyone at the Connor Group to be superb in knowledge as well as a true pleasure to work with. I wish we had started working with Connor Group sooner.”

Susan Wyrick
Vice President and Controller  |  Juno Therapeutics

Connor Group team members were instrumental in assisting us with our successful IPO process by working closely with our internal accounting team and independent public accountants to expedite the closure of issues and ensure that deadlines were met.  In addition, the Connor Group assisted us in beginning our SOX 404 Compliance Process. The professionalism and quality of work from the Connor Group team absolutely exceeded our expectations.”

Laura A. Merkl
Vice President and Corporate Controller  |  MuleSoft

“The Connor Group team provided the expertise needed to meet critical path timelines that others said were impossible to achieve. Working side by side with the company, their ability to quickly respond to reporting issues of our complex business allowed management to keep its focus on the transaction. I would not hesitate to use them again and highly recommend the professionals of Connor Group.”

William D. Waddill
Former Senior VP and CFO  |  OncoMed Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

“Connor Group helped us during an important transition time that was subsequent to a significant acquisition. They were able to assist us immediately and roll up their sleeves. The Connor Group researched, analyzed and helped lead the implementation of a software system that improved processes by making them more automated and efficient. The real value the Connor Group brought to our company was the team assigned to our account. They were invaluable and showed their commitment by being highly responsive and sensitive to our every need.

Nancy Boling
Director of Accounting  |  SurveyMonkey

“Connor Group was an invaluable asset to Switch during our IPO process. Their experience in guiding companies through the process was tremendously helpful, and the quality of work and commitment from the Connor Group team was excellent.  Connor Group was able to tackle complex issues quickly and with the right advice. We could not have completed the process as smoothly without their assistance. We were so impressed that we have continued to use Connor Group for special projects, and consider them an extension of our own accounting team.”

Gabe Nacht
Chief Financial Officer  |  Switch

We want to thank Connor Group for all the hard work and quick responses. Both the company and the auditors appreciated Connor Group’s IPO expertise right up to the filing and pressing-the-button. We could not have hit our milestones without their help and continue to sing the praises of Connor Group to anyone that asks.”

Michele O’Connor
VP of Finance and Corporate Controller  |  Veeva Systems