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SVB and Connor Group Present: The Road to an IPO- An Intimate Discussion

Connor Group has teamed up with Silicon Valley Bank to present an evening focused on “The Road to an IPO: An Intimate Discussion.” At this invite-only dinner on March 21st, the twists and turns that can come along with an IPO will be discussed. Connor Group Partner Ravi Kumar will be joined by Hortonworks CFO Scott Davidson to talk about Hortonworks’ own “Road to an IPO.”

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Ravi Kumar
Connor Group Technical Accounting and IPO Services Partner

Ravi is a Partner in Connor Group’s Technical Accounting and IPO Services practice providing technical accounting assistance on complex, structured transactions and helping clients achieve IPO readiness. Ravi has extensive experience in working with complex debt and equity transactions… More

Scott Davidson
Hortonworks CFO

COO & CFO with rapidly growing public company operating experience across sales/marketing and finance. Scalable and execution minded – experience garnered within dynamic entrepreneurial companies with initial revenues ranging from $20M (Hortonworks) -$44MM (Citrix) – $950MM (Quest) and growth rates in excess of 179%. Drove IPO for Hortonworks, a $1B Open Source Data Company…More