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Upcoming Webinar discusses SurveyMonkey’s successful IPO and best practices high-growth companies can utilize

In the fast-paced and competitive world of tech start-ups, achieving a successful IPO is often the ultimate goal. Collectively, Connor Group, with the help of valuable team members such as partner Deepika Sandhu, has experience with over 200 IPOs. A successful IPO requires a company to not only have a strong and organized accounting function, but one that is lean and agile as it grows in complexity. Attendees at this year’s InTheBlack conference enjoyed a great discussion between Deepika Sandhu and SurveyMonkey’s Chief Accounting Officer, Dharti Patel. The two discussed how they were able to achieve a successful IPO, control compliance, and how BlackLine supported the process.

This content will be available Thursday, October 24th via BlackLine’s “Blueprint for Success” webinar. The webinar will highlight SurveyMonkey’s story and explore leading practices that high-growth companies are using to advance. Specifically, you will learn about essential IPO preparations, proactive change and talent management, and how best to implement BlackLine as a SaaS company.

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