M&A Services

Deals are to capitalism what evolution is to nature

"Connor Group M&A team was absolutely instrumental in helping us with financial diligence. It is impossible to find talent that can do it all, work with you around the clock, and treat every deadline as their own. Connor is Best in Class due to their technical skills and personal dedication of each team member."
- Client | CujoAI

Mergers & acquisitions can be challenging, complex, and intense. Developing a proper roadmap and identifying the right expertise, organizations can achieve the highest financial and strategic objectives from a successful transaction.

Our M&A team is an elite group of professionals that includes Big-4 alumni and former executives with extensive mergers and acquisitions experience. Our dedicated M&A team has performed over 300 transactions with a cumulative value of $85 billion. An integral part of our team consists of French, German, and Spanish native speakers with experience in completing cross-border deals and providing innovative ways to service our diverse clients.

In addition to advising and reporting, our clients benefit from our tactical teaming and integrated solution throughout the deal lifecycle:

  • Acquisition
  • Integration
  • Operation
  • Divestiture

Our clients appreciate our disciplined yet flexible approach. Our objectives are to help you 1) better understand and plan for risks and opportunities 2) execute your plan with precision – allowing you to maximize the value of your deals.

 Acquisition Services

We focus on helping you to do the right deals, at the right value. Connor Group plays a critical role by working closely with your team to identify and understand the risks and opportunities of each transaction through operationally-focused financial analyses, technical accounting assessments, and integration planning. Our acquisition services include the following:

  • Quality of Earnings Analysis
  • Quality of Net Assets Analysis
  • Working Capital Analysis
  • Purchase Price Adjustment Assessment
  • Financial Modeling Support
  • Cash Flow Assessment
  • Pro Forma Assistance
  • Forecast Analysis
  • Operational Data and Key Business Drivers Analysis

 Integration and Financial Operation Services

Acquisitions require considerable planning, resources, and effort — and when it comes to creating successful deals, integration is a key part of the equation.

Our deal team brings operation experience and business acumen to assist you as you capture value on your deals.  Sample integration and financial operation services we provide include the following:

  • Opening Balance Sheet Preparation
  • Post-Closing Negotiation Support (e.g. Purchase Price Adjustments or Disputes)
  • Strategic Planning and Analysis
  • Financial Modeling and Fundraising Support
  • Cash Flow Assessment
  • Bolt-on Acquisitions
  • Integration PMO

 Divestiture Services

When businesses or product lines are misaligned with your company’s financial and strategic goals, a divestiture can provide liquidity and opportunities. Divestitures require significant efforts to properly prepare for the sales process, minimize disruption, and maximize value. Connor Group participates throughout the process, from the preliminary assessment and planning to the data preparation and diligence. We team with your executives and bankers to tell a compelling and consistent story from the information memorandum to the data room and management meetings. Sample divestiture services include the following:

  • Sell-side Assistance (e.g. Quality of Earnings Analysis)
  • Dataroom Assistance
  • Carve-Out Planning and Execution
  • Stand-alone, Allocated, Stranded, and Shared Costs Assessment
  • Transition Services Agreements Support
  • Financial Modeling Support

Financial Planning & Analysis Services

Across organizations, the Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) process has outgrown the transactional method of financial planning and cash flow management. An FP&A process is essential in the centralization, standardization, and automation of identifying business opportunities and risks. The diversity and extent of our experience has put us in a unique position to help clients develop the qualitative and quantitative tools needed to make their most complex business decisions.

  • Financial Modeling and Forecasting
  • Strategic KPI Identification
  • Dashboard Automation
  • Cash Optimization
  • FP&A Function Support
  • 13-week Cash Flow Forecasting