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Learn the top three surprises of ASC 606: Webinar Replay

Jim Neesen expands on the role of data, revenue automation, and Salesforce CPQ

Jim Neesen, Connor Group’s Managing Partner, recently shared the top 3 surprises facing companies navigating ASC 606. The webinar “The Roadmap from CPQ Data to Revenue Automation Under ASC 606,” co-hosted with Salesforce CPQ on January 11th, offered insights into the transition to the new standard. One of the largest surprises for companies is the amount and type of data that is necessary. The webinar dives into the data problems that companies are 99% likely to encounter in this process and strategies for how to deal with them, such as utilizing Salesforce CPQ.

If you missed the original webinar you can now watch it on-demand here!

Jim Neesen
Jim NeesenConnor Group Managing Partner

Jim Neesen is Managing Partner at Connor Group, an elite Accounting and IPO services firm. Connor Group has worked on 54% of the IPOs in Silicon Valley in the past 5 years with 500+ global clients in technology and high growth. Clients include Facebook, Tesla, Snap, Uber, Twitter, GoPro, Spotify, SurveyMonkey and WhatsApp to name a few.

Jim joined Connor Group as CFO after the GSB 2009 and has led growth in revenue from $3M and 20 employees to over $65M and 200 employees. The firm has offices in 9 tech premier tech centers including Silicon Valley, San Francisco, New York, Boston, Salt Lake and Europe.

Jim’s career highlights include 2 IPO’s in industry (Affymetrix and Fluidigm), entrepreneurship founding 2 companies and 25+ years in industry / public accounting in increasing position of responsibility. He is an Angel Investor in companies with IPO / M&A potential and a member of Stanford Angels and…more