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CPA Practice Advisor Features Connor Group Revenue Automation Thought Leadership

The Art & Science of Revenue Automation

Revenue AutomationIn a recent 4-part series, the CPA Practice Advisor website features the Connor Group thought leadership piece “The Art and Science of Revenue Automation: Practical Lessons for Automating Revenue under ASC 606.” This piece, written by Connor Group Financial Operations Partner Jason Pikoos, discusses the lessons learned and important insights for the revenue automation journey with ASC 606. As a company, Connor Group’s experience with ASC 606 is strong, helping over 80 companies with their adoptions of the standard and delivering over 75,000 hours on ASC 606 specific projects thus far. The subject matter experts behind this 4-part highlighted series offer not-to-be-missed insights. Go to to read part one, two three and four of the series today!

Jason Pikoos
Jason Pikoos
Connor Group Partner, Financial Operations Practice Leader

Jason is a Partner at Connor Group and leads the Financial Operations practice. Jason brings over 15 years of accounting and operational experience, working with high-growth and technology companies. As the Financial Operations leader at Connor Group, Jason has helped and guide over 30 companies in preparing for being public, planning and managing their IPO plan and/or improving operations and controls shortly after the IPO. Jason is an expert in helping clients drive business transformation through improved processes, systems, controls and organizational changes. Jason works across all finance and accounting functions, helping clients …more