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Connor Group Releases Control Compliance White Paper for High-Growth Companies

Do the terms SOX or controls make you want to run to the nearest exit? You are not alone. Many high-growth companies struggle with implementing an effective control environment. The continuous ground-breaking technologies developed and agile environments of high-growth companies present dynamics that require additional controls considerations. However, at Connor Group, we view this differently. SOX and controls present great opportunities and we have released a new thought leadership piece to share this viewpoint with you!

“Let’s Get SOXy: Control Compliance for High-Growth Companies” written by Connor Group Financial Operations Practice Leader, Jason Pikoos and Financial Operations Partner Deepika Sandhu, is a useful guide for companies who are looking to gain control of their controls and capitalize on the opportunity they present.

Below is a snapshot of what lies within the document:

  • Controls Maturity Model: Understand Where You Are and Where You Need to Go
  • Lessons Learned from High-Growth Companies
    • Manage the Cloud
    • Control Home-Grown Systems
    • Don’t Forget Your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
    • Leverage Technology to Simplify SOX Compliance
  • The Importance of Creating a Positive Culture Around Controls

So, come on let’s get SOXy

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