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Connor Group releases updated ASC 606 Comprehensive Guide

ASC 606 Slide Deck March 2018 Release

Connor Group has been a leader in providing ASC 606 assistance for companies ever since the new standard was in the development phases in 2014. In continuation of this, Connor Group has just released an updated version of our highly informational “Revenue Recognition under ASC 606” guide/ slide deck. Many of our clients and friends in the industry are already familiar with the comprehensive ASC 606 slide deck we first released in late 2014 and subsequently updated on a regular basis to keep up with the evolving guidance and emerging interpretations of the new standard. We have just completed and released the March 2018 edition for the benefit of industry executives, revenue professionals, and clients. To provide the most practical benefit, the slides include information directly from the new standard, Connor Group’s judgments and observations about how the provisions have been applied in various circumstances, a list of key impacts of the standard adoption by industry, and a summary of our implementation roadmap.

The March 2018 updated slide deck can be downloaded here.

Please feel free to reach out to us if you would like to learn about how companies tackle technical accounting and implementation challenges, and how Connor Group assists clients with their adoption of ASC 606.