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Connor Group Keynote Speaker at GRC Day for NetSuite Users

Join Connor Group on May 22nd for GRC Day for NetSuite Users! As a continuing supporter of GRC day, Connor Group is excited to partner with FastPath in bringing this NetSuite 1-day Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) course to San Mateo. The full-day educational event will coach attendees on how to best meet security, compliance, and audit requirements with NetSuite. Sessions topics include applying controls to non-GAAP measures, GDPR, building risk-aware cultures, what’s new with the lease accounting standards, and much more. See the full agenda for more details!

Among the speakers will be Connor Group Partner, Financial Operations Practice Leader Jason Pikoos. His presentation, “A Recipe for Applying Controls and Diligence to Non-GAAP Measures and KPIs,” will guide attendees first on how to define non-GAAP measures and KPIs, and explain why these are so important. Jason will then dive into the key risks and common pitfalls associated with generating these measures and end with industry best practices and recommended governance around these important business objectives.

Space is limited- register today!

Jason Pikoos
Partner, Financial Operations Practice Leader

Jason is a Partner at Connor Group and leads the Financial Operations practice. Jason brings over 15 years of accounting and operational experience, working with high-growth and technology companies. As the Financial Operations leader at Connor Group, Jason has helped and guide over 30 companies in preparing for being public, planning and managing their IPO plan and/or improving operations and controls shortly after the IPO. Jason is an expert in helping clients drive business transformation through improved processes, systems, controls and organizational changes…more