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Connor Group helps industry professionals navigate through intricacies of ASC 606

Last year, Connor Group and Accounting Conferences & Seminars (ACS) have established a successful collaboration through our experts presenting at a variety of ACS conferences on hot topics including revenue recognition, current accounting issues, and others.

On May 23 and 24, Connor Group partners Denis Kozhevnikov (Professional Practice) and Melissa Nietzel (Technical Accounting) shared their experiences with private company financing transactions. Accounting for preferred stock, warrants, units, tranche issuances, other financing tools can become complex and tricky. Denis and Melissa focused on explaining the effects these transactions could have on a company’s financial statements.

On the following day, our partner and Finance Operations practice leader Jason Pikoos and partner Ursula Schorn talked about operational challenges of getting a company ready for an IPO.  Be it about fixing the company processes, getting the people right, or solving any remaining accounting issues, a realistic assessment of the gaps and smooth execution of the readiness plan can make a big difference between success and a delayed, or even derailed, IPO.

New revenue recognition rules are on every accounting professional’s mind these days. The new standard (known as ASC 606) is complex to interpret and can present significant challenges to implement and apply. Join Connor Group thought leaders Aleks Zabreyko and Denis Kozhevnikov as they coach the audience to navigate through the maze of ASC 606 requirements as they apply to a hypothetical complex revenue contract. You will be introduced to a structured approach and a checklist-type tool that can help you get practical and get started with your own ASC 606 project.

Aleks and Denis will present their example-based approach at the upcoming ACS conferences.

When: June 3
Where: Philadelphia
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When: June 21
Where: San Jose, California
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