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Connor Group Has Record Growth in 2012

(Palo Alto, California – January 2013) Connor Group has reported all-time records in both revenue earned and clients served in 2012. Revenues increased by 50% from 2011 with over 200 clients on six continents including Asia, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, North America and South America.  The firm’s IPO client list includes companies in the United States, Taiwan, Singapore, China, United Kingdom and Australia.

The revenue growth experienced by Connor has led the firm to quadruple office space in the past 2 years.  The firm’s core offices are in San Francisco, Palo Alto and New York City.  With 30% of the client work in international locations, the company will be opening offices in both Europe and Asia in the coming year.

Founded in 2006, Connor Group’s vision was to become an elite, global, professional-services firm.  Over six years of rapid growth, Connor Group has secured a commanding regional market share by working on 44% of the IPOs in Silicon Valley in the past 4 years.  In 2012, Connor’s revenue places the firm as one of the top 20 largest professional services firms in the Western U.S. and future revenue growth projections will place the company in the top 100 professional services firms nationwide by the end of 2013.