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Connor Group and NYSE Co-Sponsor 2021 IPO Summit

This year’s 8th annual IPO Summit was a virtual success, bringing together an elite audience of attendees and a world-class ecosystem of service providers who are experts in IPOs, SPACs, and the unique issues that companies face as they grow and scale. Connor Group Managing Partner Jim Neesen led the opening and closing remarks, as well as moderated the IPO Journey content panel with speakers Allen Shim, Chief Financial Officer of Slack, and David Glazer, Chief Financial Officer of Palantir. A capital markets update was provided by J.P. Morgan and the NYSE, discussing the unprecedented public market activity we saw in 2020, as well as the anticipated market dynamics of 2021. The panels and breakout sessions that followed were full of content-rich, direct, and candid discussions. Speakers shared insight into the psychology and preparation of public company readiness, understanding the nuances of determining specific ways of designing your transaction, and advice from companies that were on the front lines of very compressed transactions in 2020. The event concluded with a virtual live stream of the closing bell and left attendees with a detailed picture of the nuances, lessons, and observations of the path to an IPO.

Missed the event, no problem. Access a replay of the content here.