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Recap: 2018 IPO Workshop for Emerging Growth Companies

IPO Workshop with over 100 of the hottest tech and growth companies in attendance. Connor Group started off the year with an outstanding group of professionals from over 100 of the hottest tech and growth companies at the 2018 IPO Workshop for Emerging Growth Companies. This annual event is hosted in the same room that […]

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Important Insights from Connor Group’s Latest ASC 606 Disclosure Study

Are companies truly ready for the new revenue recognition standard? SEC requests that more than 50% of companies expand their evaluation and implementation status for ASC 606. Connor Group experts have just released their latest ASC 606 Disclosure study “Trends of SEC Comment Letters and SAB 74 Disclosure Related to ASC 606 (IFRS 15).” This […]

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Connor Group Releases Control Compliance White Paper for High-Growth Companies

Do the terms SOX or controls make you want to run to the nearest exit? You are not alone. Many high-growth companies struggle with implementing an effective control environment. The continuous ground-breaking technologies developed and agile environments of high-growth companies present dynamics that require additional controls considerations. However, at Connor Group, we view this differently. […]

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