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Benefits & Perks

Employees ARE the heart and soul of a business! At Connor Group, we make a conscious effort to ensure a wide variety of activities and fun events are planned to keep our employees happy. From company outings to our winning softball team, there’s something here for everyone!


We have benefit packages available to all employees, including health, dental and vision.


Quarterly, monthly and random team events for employees, significant others and families.

Wellness Challenges

"Healthy" office competitions with really fun prizes.

Team Retreats

Get ready for some adventures.

Free Food

Snacks and drinks are always at your fingertips.

Private Jet

I wish.. We do offer some pretty neat travel perks.

Current Positions

You pick the location. We have offices in Boston, D.C., Denver, New York, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, Seattle, Silicon Valley, Southern California, Texas and Europe.