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Brute Force Remorse – Automating Revenue Recognition Post-Adoption

Something big happened last Fall.  Many public companies realized time had run out to implement a revenue automation system before adopting ASC 606.

The solution?  Companies taking a “Brute Force” approach to get in compliance.

The result?  Companies felt the pain.

But the good news—there are several ways to alleviate the struggles.  Those solutions will be shared by Connor Group’s Technical Accounting and Financial Operations experts Ravi Kumar and Roxanne Brady, in a webinar called “Brute Force Remorse” with Zuora, at 10 a.m. on July 18th.

Kumar and Brady will also address the challenges and risks with “Brute Force,” and expand on the operational efficiencies gained with revenue automation.  They’ll also discuss how surprisingly common Brute Force approaches are at public companies, potential SOX and audit risks to your business, and best approaches to post-adoption revenue automation projects.

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Roxanne Brady


Roxanne is a Partner in Connor Group’s Financial Operations (FinOps) practice and leads the Systems Services, with an emphasis on NetSuite, Oracle, and Microsoft Dynamics.  Roxanne has led finance organizations in multiple industries including internet, software, biotechnology, and…more

Ravi Kumar


Ravi is a Partner in Connor Group’s Technical Accounting and IPO Services practice providing technical accounting assistance on complex, structured transactions and helping clients achieve IPO readiness. Ravi has led several ASC 606 adoption projects for multi-billion-dollar software, SaaS, subscription and technology companies, including the technical accounting assessment, operational implementation of the new revenue standard, and consultation and collaboration with Big 4 National Offices and auditors. Ravi has extensive experience in working with revenue recognition, complex debt and equity transactions, consolidations, business combinations, leasing, and stock-based compensation under both US GAAP and IFRS.