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Announcing the 2022 Connor Group Promotions

Today, Connor Group is proud to announce that 107 professionals across the firm have been promoted into new roles in their respective business units effective July 1, 2022.

Please join us in congratulating our professionals on their promotions.

This year’s promotions include:

Blake C.Technical AccountingPartner
Matt L.Technical AccountingPartner
Angela S. Financial Operations Director
Anna Z.Business DevelopmentDirector
Dmitry P.Technical AccountingDirector
Eelane A. Financial Operations Director
Eric J.Technical AccountingDirector
Greg D.Strategic Markets, Technical AccountingDirector
Justina C.Managed ServicesDirector
Michael B.Managed ServicesDirector
Nicholas K.Financial OperationsDirector
Steve K.Business DevelopmentDirector
Alicia R.Strategic Markets, Technical AccountingSenior Manager
Bryan C.M&ASenior Manager
Corinna S. Financial Operations Senior Manager
Daniel M.Technical AccountingSenior Manager
Eric N.Technical AccountingSenior Manager
Garrett S.Interim BillableSenior Manager
Garrett V.Strategic Markets, Technical AccountingSenior Manager
Josevy B.Managed ServicesSenior Manager
Kevin L. Financial Operations Senior Manager
Lauren P.Northwest Region Operations – SchedulingSenior Manager
Liz R.Managed ServicesSenior Manager
Masako C.Technical AccountingSenior Manager
Natalie E.Technical AccountingSenior Manager
Nick C.Technical AccountingSenior Manager
Phuong L. Financial Operations Senior Manager
Ryan B. Financial Operations Senior Manager
Samantha R. Financial Operations Senior Manager
Scott T.Business DevelopmentSenior Manager
Yosha K. Financial Operations Senior Manager
Amanda S.Technical AccountingManager
Amber F.Strategic Markets, Technical AccountingManager
Andrew P.Managed ServicesManager
Brandon T.Managed ServicesManager
Brennan B.Strategic  Markets, Managed ServicesManager
Brennon A.Managed ServicesManager
Bret J.Managed ServicesManager
Brian C. Financial Operations Manager
Brittany McG.M&AManager
Farah Z.Southwest Region Operations Manager
Karen F.Digital SolutionsManager
Lily C.Managed ServicesManager
Matt S.Technical AccountingManager
Matthew Z. Financial Operations Manager
Michael G.Interim BillableManager
Michael D.Strategic Markets, Technical AccountingManager
Paxton I.Technical AccountingManager
Peter M.Technical AccountingManager
Rishi K.Digital SolutionsManager
Sam K.Technical AccountingManager
Shirley L. Financial Operations Manager
Sophie Wong-On-W.Managed ServicesManager
Taylor B. Financial Operations Manager
Valerie H.Digital SolutionsManager
Winston W.Technical AccountingManager
Becky T.Strategic Markets, Technical AccountingSupervising Senior
Brendan L. Financial Operations Supervising Senior
Bret C.Managed ServicesSupervising Senior
Cassidy M.Strategic Markets, Technical AccountingSupervising Senior
Connor C.Technical AccountingSupervising Senior
Cynthia S.Technical AccountingSupervising Senior
Dagmar S. Financial Operations Supervising Senior
Duncan B.Managed ServicesSupervising Senior
Erik M. Financial Operations Supervising Senior
Erik K.Technical AccountingSupervising Senior
Gabriel Q.Technical AccountingSupervising Senior
Iris L. Financial Operations Supervising Senior
Ivan J.Technical AccountingSupervising Senior
Jay C.Technical AccountingSupervising Senior
Jennifer L.Managed ServicesSupervising Senior
John S.Managed ServicesSupervising Senior
Keegan M.Managed ServicesSupervising Senior
Kent P.Strategic Markets, FinOpsSupervising Senior
Kyle J.Digital SolutionsSupervising Senior
Mark B.Technical AccountingSupervising Senior
Mayer G.Technical AccountingSupervising Senior
Melda S.Managed ServicesSupervising Senior
Michael McW.Strategic Markets, Technical AccountingSupervising Senior
Mike N.Strategic Markets, Technical AccountingSupervising Senior
Myles MacL. Financial Operations Supervising Senior
Nathan F.Managed ServicesSupervising Senior
Neil P. Financial Operations Supervising Senior
Nick T. Financial Operations Supervising Senior
Ruby L.Managed ServicesSupervising Senior
Sarah H.Technical AccountingSupervising Senior
Sean E.Strategic Markets, Technical AccountingSupervising Senior
Shivani S. Financial Operations Supervising Senior
Taylor G.Digital SolutionsSupervising Senior
Tiffany H.Technical AccountingSupervising Senior
Tiffany L. Financial Operations Supervising Senior
Tony (Hanghang) Z.Managed ServicesSupervising Senior
Tyler L.Managed ServicesSupervising Senior
Victoria C.Technical AccountingSupervising Senior
Cydney B.Strategic Markets, Technical AccountingSenior
Donaji L.Interim BillableSenior
Wes T.Managed ServicesSenior
Allie L.Digital SolutionsSenior (Developer)
Nibha M.Digital SolutionsSenior (Developer)
Nivedita M.Digital SolutionsSenior (Developer)
Julie B. Digital SolutionsSenior Analyst
Adhimanyu P.Digital SolutionsDeveloper
Jaskaran K.Digital SolutionsDeveloper
Kiran K.Digital SolutionsDeveloper
Lauren J.Northwest Region OperationsSenior Communications Specialist
Kelli L.Business DevelopmentSenior Contract Coordinator
Sam H.Northwest Region OperationsSenior Executive Assistant